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Venture Sinai

At the Intersection of Philanthropy and Investment

Venture Sinai brings together the social good of philanthropy, the intellectual curiosity of research, and a passion for health care. Most importantly, it provides an opportunity for a group of philanthropists to apply their experience and business savvy to an investment in the exciting field of medical science.

Created in 2009 by Jeff Rosenthal, Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation Board Member, and Co-chaired by Laurel Fleisher and Mark Grammer, there have been 12 active groups to date which have raised more than $1.25 million to fund research that is changing the future of medicine on a global scale.

Exclusive Access
Gain exclusive access to leading scientists and an inside look at groundbreaking research taking place at one of the top ten biomedical research institutes in the world. Venture Sinai takes a “Dragon’s Den” approach to fundraising for Mount Sinai Hospital’s renowned Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute, as like-minded philanthropists join forces to support research and see examples of how investing donor dollars into research will have an impact on the future of patient care.

Your Commitment
Members of Venture Sinai make an annual financial commitment for up to five years. The individual donations of each member are pooled to provide for a greater impact.

Engaging Events
Every year, members are invited to attend an annual selection dinner at which three promising scientists from the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum present their research ideas. Members deliberate and select one winner to receive the coveted title  of “Venture Sinai Fellow” for an entire year. Over that year, Venture Sinai members are invited to visit the incumbent’s lab and hear about the research highlights.

Your Impact
Funds have helped enable a game-changing discovery on the way cancer spreads, potential new diabetes treatments that could change outcomes for millions of people, and uncover 40 new genetic links to rheumatoid arthritis. Join us to help change the future of medicine with philanthropy that has truly global impact.




Starting your own Venture Sinai group is easy!  

Please contact Joanne Giannakopoulos, Director, Leadership & Membership Giving at 416-586-8203 ext. 8492 or to learn more.



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