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Lunenfeld Discoveries are "Changing the World"

Among Toronto Life’s “25 Ideas That Are Changing the World”, published in the December 2009 issue of the magazine, are two discoveries by Lunenfeld scientists.


Shadab Rahman holds a pair of the prototype glasses.

Ranking 7th is DyNeMo, the breast cancer technology tool developed by Principal Investigator Dr. Jeff Wrana, Mary Janigan Research Chair in Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, and doctoral candidate Ian Taylor. The tool analyzes the behaviour of proteins in a tumour and runs the results through an algorithm. As reported in Nature Biotechnology online in February 2009, DyNeMo can predict with more than 80 per cent accuracy a patient’s changes of recovering from breast cancer.

Toronto Life reports that the creators of this “incredible tool” are exploring its potential to be applied to other types of cancer and potentially other diseases altogether.

Coming in at No. 15 is an innovative pair of sunglasses developed by Principal Investigator Dr. Robert Casper, Camille Dan Family Research Chair in Translational Cell Biology, and doctoral candidate Shadab Rahman. Obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, diabetes, anxiety disorders and even breast and colon cancer are more prevalent among people who work the night shift, thought to result from exposure to light at night. Dr. Casper and Rahman designed glasses that block a particular spectrum of light, and testing showed that they helped reduce errors and improve workers’ moods.

The glasses – which go into production this month – could be seen on airplanes soon. It’s thought that they may help minimize jet lag.


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